Photo by Jemma Gorring

Photo by Jemma Gorring

The Last Flapper

Full Length Play

Based on her letters and stories, The Last Flapper written by William Luce is a definitive portrait of the glamorous, fun loving and tragic Zelda Fitzgerald. Set in an insane asylum on the last day of Zelda's life, she arrives for a therapy session only to discover that her psychiatrist has canceled her appointment. Alone in his office, Zelda plays both doctor and patient as she relives her whirlwind past.

Written by William Luce

Directed by Greg Scurr

Produced & Performed by Elise Lamb

Notable productions

Brisbane Fringe Festival, Australia (2015)

Brisbane Arts Theatre, Australian Premiere (2014)


The Last Flapper offers Lamb an opportunity to showcase her talents as actor, singer and dancer. She fitted the role of Zelda Fitzgerald well as she sang and twirled about using every inch of the stage, her delivery superb.
— Bobbi-Lea Dionysius, Aussie Theatre
Lamb is radiant as Zelda Fitzgerald and her Southern accent is believable, never once faltering. She makes the emotional transitions fluid. Her delivery evokes pathos for a woman that was largely misunderstood. Lamb breathes life into Zelda making her vivid, witty, charming and yet a little tragic.
— Amanda Starkey, 27 Magazine